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Naming ceremony of a child in Turkey is very unique and important as before the reform of the Turkish people happened, most people had no last names until the advent of the new addition of the surname law. Before the introduction of the law, most Turkish people were addressed mainly by titles, even some by their hometown. Although initially, some people argued that there was no need for last names as they were already known by other names. Eventually, Turkish last names were introduced with significant meanings, Most Common Turkish Last Names have connection with their origin, past history and for some others their personality. However, Turkish people can change their last names if it does not sound appealing or does not suit the person. 

Just like every other culture and people, Turkish Female and Male Names are usually gender based with symbolic meanings and in case of a religious family, the family chose names which have religious background and meanings. However, there are a few Turkish names that are unisex that is, both a male and female child can bear the name. In recent times, Modern and Most Common Turkish Names are given to people of either sex. Turkish names are usually in full name format, which means they have the surname, first name and other names follow last. From time to time, the way Turkish Girl Names and Turkish Boy Names are given changes, certain suffixes are added to confer or explain the gender specificity. It has been observed that most Beautiful and Most Popular Turkish Names lately are poetic with clear expressions of admiration for the beauty of nature and most importantly, love.

Turkish First Names are usually two and are usually of specific meaning in Turkish language, the family belief in most cases is a predominant factor for the selection of Turkish first names. Although most names are gender specific but in recent times, there are many gender neutral Turkish Baby Boy and Turkish Baby Girl Names. Turkish names are sometimes mixed with other languages, for example, a boy whose parents are from different nationalities may have a mixture of both the Turkish Boy Names and the other parent’s language. Just because Turkish people share boundaries with Europeans, their system of naming sometimes has a blend of Asia and European culture. 

Over time, certain names on the list of Turkish Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings are on top of list of searched sites online. Such Turkish baby boy names and Turkish baby girl names are very unique and can be traced to some heroic Turkish People. For example, some Famous Turkish Names can be traced to some heroic warriors who died in battle. Those names became significantly famous for their meritorious roles in society. For some other reasons certain Turkish Boys and Girls Names become popular, the majority of the common Turkish names given to Girls and Boys are Arabic, most Turkish parents inquire from religious teachers and leaders of the various names which can be chosen from the religious books. The way names are given in most communities are highly influenced by religion. A survey conducted in Turkey at a particular time revealed that most of the popular Turkish men names were adopted from the Quran. There is obvious evidence of religion influencing the naming system of the Turkish People.

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